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This license applies to all versions of Ⅾtꨨereinafter the 領ware젷hich is distributed free of charge subject to the following terms and conditions. By installing, using, or distributing this Software, you agree to accept the terms of this license.
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A. Disassemble, decompile or ckथcode or otherwise reverse translate or engineer, or attempt in any manner to reconstruct or discover any source code or underlying algorithms of the Software.

B. Use, copy, modify, or merge copies of the Software and any accompanying documents except as permitted in this license.

C. Sell, transfer, rent, lease, or sublicense the Software.


This Software is provided 㠩sᮤ it may have bugs with unpredictable consequences. It is not guaranteed to perform any function and the user must bear the risk of any failures of the Software. The Software is distributed with no warranties of any kind. The authors will not be liable for any damages whatsoever that result from the use of Ⅾtɴ is the userಥsponsibility to ensure that critical systems and data are protected against unforeseen errors.

Authors do not provide any technical support about using the Software.

to the above Licence Agreement and Disclaimer

to the above Licence Agreement and Disclaimer

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